Think of Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, or Donald Trump; the extremely successful US people we all know by name and achievement. How did they move forward after many failures or even failure in between big successes?

These noted achievers refused to be held back by defeat, failure, or negative advice. Instead they ventured forth boldly. They firmly believed that ‘when one door shuts, another opens…”

The solution to a crisis or a problem may not be easy to discover. However, a winner will relentlessly pursue new avenues and consistently experiment. In the final analysis, success may only be a matter of persistence.

Persistence is not taught, but modeled. Someone in their lives showed them that “failures” are temporary setbacks. We must continuously do and demonstrate the need for beginning a difficult task, for hanging in there, and following through. This may be the most important attribute we assist people we manage to do too.

And for those of us well beyond our early years, we can develop this persistent quality yet. By picking ourselves up when we fall, over and over if necessary, and with the dogged determination of a toddler, keep pushing us on. Success can be just around the corner.

Does it help to know that those we know have had huge successes actually failed, often many times, before they succeeded? I think so and so do they.

How do you demonstrate persistence in your daily life?

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