Easy steps you’re likely not doing on your LinkedIn profile

I have written about LinkedIn before but it is improving regularly and you need to take advantage of these tips and LinkedIn's improvements. Using LinkedIn is a very effective and efficient tool to get your “story of success” in front of the thousands of people in your career field who need to hire professionals just like you – or just you! First, pay attention to your LinkedIn profile. It’s been said that “one picture is worth 1,000 words” for a reason: the “non-verbal” but visual language speaks to what people think and feel about you on first impression, to hook their interest. Your best photo will have a well-lit background and present just you with a friendly, professional appearance. Second, don't paste-in your resume! List your functional (not official) title, company, and general timeline for each job listed in reverse-chronological order. Also, cluster promotions in years (“promoted 4 times in 10 years” or “promoted Years X, Y, and Z”) instead of listing all...
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Coping When Quitting Isn’t An Option

  Those who say “quitters never win” are fooling themselves. If you stick something out just because you’re afraid of giving up—and it’s something that no longer serves you—you’re wasting your time. And ultimately, you lose. When it comes to work, quitting is sometimes the best move you can make. Often, it’s a necessary step for forward movement, growth, and pursuing your life’s purpose. But quitting now often isn’t an option. Not because it isn’t the right thing to do; sometimes, you just can’t feasibly move on. Maybe you just can’t financially afford to leave your current job. Maybe it is the benefits you cannot give up today. And, often the stress of leaving immediately would be far worse than the stress of simply sticking it out for a while longer. So, if you cannot pick up and move on the second you realize it’s the right thing to do, what can you do? First, admire yourself for thinking ahead. In fact, it’s rare a decision...
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Potential New Boss Trouble?

  You get the call after an eternity of sleepless nights and anxious walks with your phone glued to your hand. You got the job! But in a month you realize your new boss is a real jerk. How did this happen? The better question is – how could you have spotted this sooner? I think most of us do spot many troublesome issues but ignore them because we are so far along in the process, we have been unemployed, it is the plum job of our industry, it's a much needed raise, biggest money than we have ever made and a career accelerator. There are hints in that first interview that you must not ignore. There are serious downsides to not paying attention to issues in your interview with your future boss and final interviewers. See the clues, face them realistically and determine if they will actually hurt you or your career too much to take this offer. The first is finding them so...
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