Body Language©

Since I started coaching, almost every client and I have ended up talking about body language. Where and how people stand, sit, lean, use their fingers, hold their gaze and clear their throat do mean something but it may be only partially a good indication of what they hope to communicate. People should control all the messages they are sending, written, spoken and through their body. All should be congruently saying the same thing. Let me share a client’s story to bring home this point. A few years ago a new client came to me who was unable to close an offer for a job. He was very qualified, successful, as well as well-groomed. He explained though he would be selected for interviewing quickly, interviewed through the ranks successfully and be told he just has to be passed by the big boss; he never got the offer. The big boss could be a president or a SVP or a country manager....
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Tell Them About Yourself ©

If someone asked, “tell me about yourself,” have you tried this for impact? Three of my last career coaching clients used this and they relayed this helped them a great deal to be successful. “Well, I’m currently an account executive at Smith, where I handle our top-performing client. Before that, I worked at an agency where I was on three different major national healthcare brands serving Corps A, B and C. While I really enjoyed the work, I’d love the chance to go more deeply with one specific healthcare company, which is why I’m excited about this opportunity with Metro Health USA. (Because … your passion is _____________, the challenges you saw are, the actions you took or results you think are needed like X,Y, or Z). They had remember to focus on the experiences and skills most relevant to the hiring manager in this particular position and this company. We worked hard on this before the biggest interview. Ultimately, relax a...
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Really Ready for an Interview?

Check off these critical tasks: Did you shadow the company's social media? Seriously! Companies post news they're proud of. So knowing about a blog post or a company retreat will give you talking points to drive the conversation. And seeing pictures of the office and the employees will not only give you a sense of the dress code (vital information for picking out your outfit), but also the general office climate and vibe. Did you study company and sector products? You don't have to arrive armed with a six-step plan for how to scale a new project (cyber IT protection) or a product (Google’s new phone), but talking intelligently about the company is key. Come prepared with reasons why you like it, as well as a few suggestions for how you can help to improve. Have you research your interviewers? You typically receive an interview schedule with the names of the people you'll be meeting ahead of time. (If not, don't be afraid to ask for...
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