Small Talk

Internal interview? Want to meet more of your e team and make a good impression? Then prepare. As the boy scouts say: “always be prepared”. Recently a client of mine was going to have breakfast with the CFO of her very large corporation. She did not know him well but wanted to create a relationship with him and have him keep her in mind when one of his direct reports moved on. We discussed what she needed to know and how she might conduct herself in the meeting. Here is how we broke it down. 1. Learn the issues the senior team is focused on Ideally everyone in the company should know the strategic priorities. She recognized that she needed to bone up on these so she knew them, too. She was thinking in advance what she will say to him. I suggested she read the meeting reports and ask others about him. She had and was going to outline them again for...
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Personal Branding For Success In A Few Steps© : Part IV

Personal Branding For Success In A Few Steps© : Part IV Improving Your Personal Brand I have several key questions I use to create a noteworthy personal branding statement. Simply answering them creates a short, but dynamic statement. So ask yourself: What problem do I love to solve at work? How am I the aspirin to an employer’s pain? What’s my process or methodology for doing it? How do I systematically tackle the problem to get it solved? What analogy can I use from everyday life to help someone better understand what I do? How can I help someone who doesn’t understand what I do get a grasp on it? What proof do I have that what I say is true? How have I done this successfully before and what are the facts and statistics to back it up? What do I want to do next with this valuable skill? Where do I see potential for this skill to be of great value (i.e. save or make significant...
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Personal Branding For Success In A Few Steps© : Part III

Personal Branding For Success In A Few Steps© : Part III You Need a Strong Network of Contacts to Increase Your Brand by Word of Mouth© Connections, or rather customers, are important to any business. In a bid to find more clients, most business people tend to concentrate only on making contacts with prospective clients. Yet while such contacts have the potential to become loyal customers, they are not the only type of contacts your business needs. The successful entrepreneur is one who not only gets acquainted with likely clients, but also maintains connections in various fields for the following six reasons: 1. Information. Information is crucial to providing you with the latest trends in your field, or whatever goes on in particular companies. It’s important for you as a businessperson to research trends and events to ensure you are correctly positioned in your business field, or to close specific deals. Having someone you can turn to for ready answers proves very helpful in...
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