If someone asked, “tell me about yourself,” have you tried this for impact? Three of my last career coaching clients used this and they relayed this helped them a great deal to be successful.

“Well, I’m currently an account executive at Smith, where I handle our top-performing client. Before that, I worked at an agency where I was on three different major national healthcare brands serving Corps A, B and C.

While I really enjoyed the work, I’d love the chance to go more deeply with one specific healthcare company, which is why I’m excited about this opportunity with Metro Health USA. (Because … your passion is _____________, the challenges you saw are, the actions you took or results you think are needed like X,Y, or Z).

They had remember to focus on the experiences and skills most relevant to the hiring manager in this particular position and this company. We worked hard on this before the biggest interview.

Ultimately, relax a little bit, tell very short stories and maybe even a humorous note. The hiring manager already has your resume so they want to know if they like you and how well you might fit into their culture.

What has helped you? Let me know.

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