“Jean Fagan steered me through a massive career change this year. First, she evaluated my current circumstances and how I could navigate toward a better opportunity. We inventoried my working style and personal values. She helped me identify barriers that were holding me back in my professional life, as well as strengths that I was underplaying.

Then over the next few weeks she provided relevant readings (even sending me books from her library) and exercises to bring awareness to habits and to identify new, more effective styles. We also had real-time video discussions to practice some “do’s and don’ts” of effective communication.

Together we revised my resume, planned and prepared for interviews, and weighed the pros and cons of new opportunities. Always a phone call or text away, she was there on-the-spot to steer me through a performance review, discuss job offers, and negotiate an exit from my former position.

A few months later, I landed a fascinating job, one that I might not have had the confidence to try out, and I’m better prepared to achieve. I consider Jean’s work to be an essential component of my success in realizing this new role and look forward to her counsel through the next year.”

– Ingrid, Director of a global clinical research organization

“Jean is fantastic! Not only does she understand the steps that it takes to find a new career; she is patient, empathetic, intuitive and extremely understanding about a person’s vulnerabilities while between careers. She is professional and logical in her approach. In the beginning Jean helped me with my self esteem using her 10 WINS and Challenge Triangle exercises. They were excellent. She opened my eyes to different career possibilities and had me look at and prioritize my values to make sure they fit with the different careers I was looking at. She forwarded me great examples of resumes and other resources that helped keep me inspired. Some of it was challenging, but ALL of it was extremely beneficial. Jean is outstanding. Thanks SO MUCH!”

– Neil, Illinois

“Our company was growing and I felt my executive position was being marginalized. I was saddened by the fact that as we grew, my role might be shrinking. I hired Jean Fagan as a coach and realized my marginalization was in part true but in part a falsehood of my own doing. I learned that my real motivator was to be enough and I often flipped between lacking confidence and being overzealous about my ability to solve issues. Neither was good for my career or what our organization needed from the executive team. Climbing the Sherpa Mountain with Jean, I was able to change my behavior and it has opened up a new level of understanding. I now know I do matter in the eyes of my colleagues and that I can wait 90 seconds before I respond to someone. I gather my thoughts before I speak. I thank Jean for her candidness and honesty, this allowed me to better understand others and myself and it’s made me more effective.”

– C. Pocock, CFO Global Architectural Lighting Manufacturer

“Jean Fagan’s career coaching was of immense help to me when I found myself in new territories both professionally and personally. With a career move into a management position within a new company and a move of home and family across the country, I needed just what Jean’s approach offers. 

Jean worked with me to navigate thoughtfully, creating trust and building fundamental connections with my new staff and with the executive team. She helped me establish a great beginning with a foundation of integrity, professionalism, and personable communication. 

A hallmark of good coaching is relevance. Jean invested time and consideration of my individual circumstances to help me design strategies that were right for me. 

Her insightful guidance and feedback, along with her expertise and encouragement have made this transition a success. I would highly recommend Jean to anyone wanting to make the most of a new beginning.”

– J. Cunningham, SVP Marketing, Children’s Publishing Conglomerate

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, and High Integrity

“I had been looking for a job, and although I’m talented in many areas, I was having trouble articulating exactly what made me valuable to a prospective employer. It was rather like not being able to “see the forest for the trees”. Jean was able to get me to see my own personal “why it matters” and from it, formulate a “30-second speech” that got attention. In addition, she helped me distill my resume down to the “right stuff” and kept my spirits up during a long “roller-coaster ride” of a job search. I’m now in a job that I enjoy very much and I give Jean a lot of the credit for getting me going in the right direction and producing the desired result.”

– C. Muryn, Boutique Ex-Pat Payroll Operations Director

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, and Expert

“I was in a dead end job and hated it. My performance was excellent but my attitude sucked. Jean took me on with my skeptical attitude and helped me see myself through others eyes. She also set up the conditions so that I could see what I would rather be doing. Today I am a great success at selling rather than retail managing. I can buy that Audi finally and her support and driving questions pushed me through the daunting task of self-employment. Her notion of a personal advisory board has been so valuable to me that I highly recommend others seek her out for coaching and information on creating one; it is not easy.”

– S. Bucks, Self-Employed Sales Broker

Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Out of the Box Thinking, Real Passion

“I worked with Jean for many years, but it wasn’t until I found myself without a job that her strengths as a friend and advocate shined through. Always upbeat, Jean encouraged me when I was down. Jean spoke with me, asked questions, and listened to me about what I wanted in life. She kept me focused toward that goal. Jean was compassionate to my situation while urging me to take the next step. She constantly reminded me about my accomplishments and everything I had to offer. She helped keep my confidence high. With Jean’s encouragement I was able to move forward.”

– M. Pittaro, Project Manager, Merck
Top Qualities: Hard Working, High Integrity, Visionary, Great Leader

“I was going through a career transition when I began working with Jean. I have a diverse background and felt I didn’t have a clear focus on the direction I wanted to move my career. Jean helped me remove the clutter and focus on what I wanted as a career, not just a job. She used creative techniques to enhance not only my interview skills, but also encouraged me to learn from mistakes and previous actions. Jean uses sound judgment based on her broad experiences and demonstrated to me her strong listening skills. She encouraged me to overcome resistance to new ideas and to optimize my skills. I would highly recommend Jean as a “Career Coach” to anybody in transition as she displays fresh thinking and encourages you to take action.”

– Michael Tokar MS, PMP, Global Project Director

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity, Effective

“Jean Fagan provided excellent executive coaching for me in early 2010 utilizing the Sherpa Coaching method. With the help of a variety of tools [both Sherpa provided materials and additional resources I found the way to transition to a new industry. Top qualities: Insightful, Expert, High Integrity, Effective.”

– M. Wright, Cattle Rancher to Cattle Consultant and Broker, Iowa

“Jean helped me identify an area in my professional life that I felt that would improve the level of my performance. In a very focused manner over a three-month period, Jean assisted me in identifying, implementing and modifying [as needed] strategies for success. While the Sherpa and supplemental material were of value, it was Jean’s experience, skill set and empathy that really provided the added value to this process. Rather than apply a cookie-cutter approach, Jean really took the time to determine the approach that would work best for me, and to modify that approach as necessary. I highly recommend Jean for anyone looking to strengthen an area of his or her professional performance.”

– H. Cohen, Private Equity Banker

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, and Expert

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